Our difference is our results.

Several differences set ACT apart from our competitors. One is our unique “initial softer approach.” Once you’ve verbally attacked a debtor, it’s near impossible to go back to a cooperative relationship. Our motto “we tackle the problem – not the payer” is where our uniqueness begins. 

To balance our softer approach, we do not hesitate to take legal action when necessary. Our skilled Legal Department Manager asserts litigation when it is the right solution, and we do not charge our clients for the attorney fees or court costs.

Our use of technology is another benefit to our clients. We use Columbia Ultimate Business System (CUBS), considered one of the best collection systems in the nation. With this system, we can customize our collection activity to the specific needs of our clients. Our reports provide the information our clients really want or need, not just an overwhelming amount of data.

We offer our clients 24/7 access to the accounts they have entrusted to our agency via Client Access Web, also known as Client Portal.

Acclaim Credit Technologies - Results

Our results give us satisfied clients.

  • ”Your experience in the retail industry is a real plus. The improvement that we have experienced since your initial visit has far exceeded the results from two previous agencies. I have been told by other agencies that they were full-service. I can say that yours is truly that.”

    Oil Company
  • “I agree with your softer approach to collections. From the results I’ve seen from your agency, it sure appears to be working. Keep up the good work. We look forward to a long and profitable business relationship.”

    Dental Office
  • “From day one, we have been so pleased that we went with your agency. Your staff, in person or on the phone, has always had the most professional and helpful attitude toward our staff.”

    Finance Co
  • “Acclaim Credit Technologies has shown results on accounts that we felt were un-collectable. I would recommend your services to other credit unions or companies.”

    Credit Union