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We want to thank all of our loyal clients that help make our company great. This program recognizes those active clients who have submitted at least one assignment during a calendar year.  All active clients will be entered into a special ‘Client appreciation drawing’. There are no forms to complete. Nothing to buy. We will automatically enter your company into our drawing if you have entrusted our company with a new assignment anytime during the calendar year. All new clients will be sent a welcoming ‘Thank You’ card with a Starbucks gift cardClick for drawing rules

Every month: drawing for Starbucks Appreciation Card

Quarterly: drawing for medium prize

Yearly drawing: one grand prize, 2 medium prizes  and 5 small prizes (includes that quarter’s drawing)


Any client who refers a new client to our agency will receive a Starbucks gift card and be entered into drawings for more valuable gifts of appreciation. As part of our client appreciation program, our new client will be sent a welcoming ‘Thank You’ card with a Starbucks gift card. Click for drawing rules

The quarterly drawing will be for an appreciation gift of medium value.

Yearly grand prize drawings will occur at the end of each calendar year. All of our clients that referred a new client throughout the year will be included in the drawing. For each new business referral, our client will be awarded one chance to win. The more referrals, the more likely the chance of winning our grand prize. This annual drawing will include:

One grand prize winner, 2 medium prizes, and 5 small prizes (includes that quarter’s drawing)

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